Integrate Big Cartel with Freshservice

Send information between Big Cartel and Freshservice automatically, without writing any code, using Zoho Flow.

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Supported triggers and actions

All Triggers - A trigger kickstarts the flow

New product

Triggers when a new product is added

Completed order

Triggers when an order is completed

Updated order

Triggers when an existing order is updated

Updated product

Triggers when an existing product is updated

New order

Triggers when a new order is created

Updated release

Triggers when any detail of a release is updated

Release created

Triggers when a new release is created

Problem created

Triggers when a new problem is created

Ticket created

Triggers when a new ticket is created

Updated problem

Triggers when any detail of a problem is updated

Updated ticket

Triggers when any detail of a ticket is updated

All Actions - Actions are the automated tasks

Fetch category

Fetches the details of an existing category by ID

Create asset

Creates a new asset

Create reply conversation

Creates a new reply conversation for the ticket

Create department

Creates a new department

Create requester

Creates a new requester

Create problem

Creates a new problem

Create release

Creates a new release

Create ticket note

Creates a new ticket note

Create ticket

Creates a new ticket

Create contract

Creates a new contract

Update ticket

Updates the details of an existing ticket

Update asset

Updates the details of an existing asset

Update problem

Updates the details of an existing problem

Fetch ticket

Fetches the details of a ticket by its subject and the requester's ID/email address

Fetch department

Fetches the details of an existing department by its name or ID

Fetch agent

Fetches the details of an existing agent by email or ID

Fetch asset attribute

Fetches the details of an asset type's attribute (product or vendor) by its name

Fetch ticket by ID

Fetches the details of an existing ticket by ID

Fetch requester

Fetches the details of an existing requester by email or ID

Fetch asset

Fetches the details of an existing asset by either its name or ID

What is Big Cartel?

Big Cartel provides a platform for artists and makers to run an online store. You can customize your shop, manage orders, and run promotions.

E Commerce

What is Freshservice?

Freshservice is cloud based IT service management software. You can collaborate with your team, make informed decisions with the analytics, and manage your problems, change, and release.

Server Monitoring

Build comprehensive workflows using

Webhook triggers

Receive your data from a wider range of services in multiple formats, like JSON, form data, and plain text.

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Create customized business workflows by including advanced logic elements like if-then branches, time delays, and more.

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Custom functions

Write simple scripting functions to format data, call web APIs, send emails, and more.

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Owain ap Rees

Sales Director, Artico

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Rahul Roushan

CEO, OpIndia

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Technical Engineer, Master Liveaboards

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