Integrate ServiceM8 with Zoho Checkout

Send information between ServiceM8 and Zoho Checkout automatically, without writing any code, using Zoho Flow.

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Supported triggers and actions

All Triggers - A trigger kickstarts the flow

Client created or updated

Triggers when a client is created or updated

Contact created or updated

Triggers when a contact is created or updated

Form completed

Triggers when the specified form is completed

Material created

Triggers when a new material is created

Job created or updated

Triggers when a job is created or updated

Customer payment received

Triggers when a new customer payment is received

Refund made

Triggers when a new refund is made

All Actions - Actions are the automated tasks

Create task

Creates a new task

Create material

Creates a new material

Create job

Creates a new job

Create client

Creates a new client

Create contact

Creates a new contact

Create job material

Creates a new job material

Add note

Creates a new note

Update contact

Updates the details of an existing contact by their UUID

Update material

Updates the details of an existing material

Update client

Updates the details of an existing client

Update job

Updates the details of an existing job

Fetch material using item number

Fetches the details of an existing material using item number

Fetch client

Fetches the details of an existing client using their ABN number or ID or name

Fetch material using name

Fetches the details of an existing material using name

Fetch contact

Fetches the details of an existing contact using their email address or ID or phone number

Refund payment

Make a refund for the specified payment

Fetch payment

Fetches the details of an existing payment by its ID

What is ServiceM8?

ServiceM8 is a cloud-based field service management solution that lets you track staff locations, navigate to jobs, manage your estimates and invoices, and more.


What is Zoho Checkout?

Zoho Checkout lets you collect recurring as well as one-off online payments via custom branded payment pages.

Build comprehensive workflows using

Webhook triggers

Receive your data from a wider range of services in multiple formats, like JSON, form data, and plain text.

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Create customized business workflows by including advanced logic elements like if-then branches, time delays, and more.

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Custom functions

Write simple scripting functions to format data, call web APIs, send emails, and more.

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