Integrate Panorama9 with TrainerCentral

Send information between Panorama9 and TrainerCentral automatically, without writing any code, using Zoho Flow.

Build your own integrations between Panorama9 and TrainerCentral

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Supported triggers and actions

Integrate Panorama9 and TrainerCentral using the below triggers and actions

All Triggers - A trigger kickstarts the flow

Live workshop created

Triggers when a live workshop is created in the academy

Live workshop - Learner registered

Triggers when a learner has registered for a live workshop

Lesson completed by user

Triggers when a user has completed a lesson

Course enrolled

Triggers when a learner enrolls for a course

Form submitted

Triggers when a learner submits entry in the selected form

Learner signed up for academy

Triggers when a new learner has signed up for the academy

Live workshop - Learner joined

Triggers when a learner has joined an existing live workshop

Course completed

Triggers when a course is completed by an existing learner in the academy

Test submitted

Triggers when a learner submits a test

Live Workshop - Session Completed

Triggers when a learner completes a session for a live workshop

Ticket purchased

Triggers when a learner has paid for any course ticket in the academy

Learner cancels purchase

Triggers when a learner cancels their purchase

Session reminder activated

Triggers when a session's email reminder is activated.

Assignment submitted

Triggers when a learner submits a course assignment

Live workshop - Session purchased

Triggers when a learner purchases a session for a live workshop

Learner renewal pending

Triggers when a learner's payment is pending for a renewal

All Actions - Actions are the automated tasks

Broadcast message

Broadcasts a message to the physically logged-in user's desktop

Run task

Instantly start a task on the specified device

Reboot or wake up device

Reboots or wakes up the selected device

Fetch system usage

Fetches the usage details of your system (CPU usage, memory usage, etc.)

Create live workshop

Creates a new remote session which can be used to conduct live workshops

Invite learner to course

Sends an email inviting a learner to join an existing course

Invite learner to a live workshop

Sends an email inviting a learner to register for a live workshop session

Sign up user for school

Signs up the specified user for school

Fetch user

Fetches the details of an existing user by email address

What is Panorama9?

Panorama9 is an IT monitoring and management application that provides server management, patch management, remote control, network discovery, and more.

Server Monitoring

What is TrainerCentral?

TrainerCentral is an all-in-one training platform that enables trainers to create, publish, sell, and administer online courses. It provides a website builder, payment system, and multiple options to create online courses.

LMS Zoho

Build comprehensive workflows using

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