Integrate GrowSurf with Syncro

Send information between GrowSurf and Syncro automatically, without writing any code, using Zoho Flow.

Build your own integrations between GrowSurf and Syncro

Connect GrowSurf and Syncro with over 800+ apps and build your own integrations using our no-code drag and drop builder and comprehensive workflow elements

Supported triggers and actions

Integrate GrowSurf and Syncro using the below triggers and actions

All Triggers - A trigger kickstarts the flow

Participant added

Triggers when a new participant is added to a campaign

Reward unlocked by participant

Triggers when a participant unlocks a reward

Campaign ended

Triggers when a campaign ends

RMM alert created

Triggers when a new RMM alert is created

Lead added

Triggers when a new lead is added

Item added

Triggers when a new item is added

Payment created

Triggers when a new payment is created

Invoice added

Triggers when a new invoice is added

Purchase order created

Triggers when a new purchase order is created

Product added

Triggers when a new product is added

Appointment added

Triggers when a new appointment is added

Vendor added

Triggers when a new vendor is added

Customer added

Triggers when a new customer is added

Ticket added

Triggers when a new ticket is added

Contact added

Triggers when a new contact is added

Contract added

Triggers when a new contract is added

Asset created

Triggers when a new asset is created

All Actions - Actions are the automated tasks

Add participant

Adds a participant to the selected campaign

Update participant

Updates the details of an existing participant of a campaign using their email address

Fetch participant

Fetches the details of an existing participant by email address

Remove participant

Removes a participant from a campaign using their email address

Create contact

Creates a new contact

Create vendor

Creates a vendor

Create customer

Creates a new customer

Create ticket

Creates a ticket

Create appointment

Creates a new appointment

Create payment

Creates a new payment

Create invoice

Creates a new invoice

Create contract

Creates a new contract

Create lead

Creates a new lead

Create product

Creates a new product

What is GrowSurf?

GrowSurf is a free marketing automation tool used by organizations to design and execute online campaigns, while targeting specific audiences.

Marketing Automation

What is Syncro?

Syncro is a PSA, RMM, and Remote Session platform designed specifically for Managed Service Providers and IT admins.

CRM Helpdesk ITSM

Build comprehensive workflows using

Webhook triggers

Receive your data from a wider range of services in multiple formats, like JSON, form data, and plain text.

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Create customized business workflows by including advanced logic elements like if-then branches, time delays, and more.

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Custom functions

Write simple scripting functions to format data, call web APIs, send emails, and more.

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