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It is amazing what processes can be automated [with Zoho Flow]. It can be difficult to visualize what can be done. Ask the experts at Zoho Flow, they can tell you straight away and if it needs customization they will help you build it! Learn more

Owain ap Rees

Sales Director, Artico

Zoho Flow was the deal-maker for the whole Zoho platform. For everyone who wants to use more than one Zoho app, Zoho Flow is a must. Learn more

Louis Castellano

CEO, Lakeside CNC Group

We chose Zoho Flow for its ability to connect various apps in a simple way. It helped us provide our clients with an automated billing process that saves them over 50 hours of manual work per year. The platform is intuitive and easy to use even for non-developers like me.

Julien Granjean


ActiveCampaign ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is a marketing platform that helps you send campaigns, design newsletters, ... Category : Drip Emails, Popular, Sales Automation, Marketing Automation


ActiveDEMAND is a flexible marketing platform for digital marketing agencies and marketers... Category : Phone/SMS, Marketing Automation, Websites, Bookings/Scheduling, Forms

ActiveTrail ActiveTrail

ActiveTrail is marketing automation software that helps you efficiently manage your market... Category : Popular, Marketing Automation, Survey, Websites

Autoklose Autoklose

Autoklose is a sales email automation platform with built-in B2B sales contact databases. ... Category : Sales Automation, Marketing Automation

Autopilot Autopilot

Autopilot is visual marketing automation and customer journey software. This lets you capt... Category : CRM, Drip Emails, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation

AWeber AWeber

Aweber is an email marketing application that allows you to create and automate email news... Category : Ads & Analytics, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation

Constant Contact Constant Contact

Constant Contact is an email marketing software that lets you manage events, create survey... Category : Email Marketing, Marketing Automation

ConvergeHub ConvergeHub

ConvergeHub is CRM software that lets you send customized campaigns, track payments, and c... Category : CRM, Team Collaboration, Accounting, Marketing Automation

ConvertKit ConvertKit

ConvertKit is an email marketing platform. You can organize subscribers, send broadcasts,... Category : Drip Emails, Marketing Automation

Customer.io Customer.io

Customer.io is a marketing automation platform that lets you send drip campaigns and segme... Category : Email Marketing, Marketing Automation

Dashly Dashly

Dashly is a marketing platform that allows you to capture leads, onboard new users, and la... Category : Marketing Automation

Digistore24 Digistore24

Digistore24 is an online sales platform that offers you an integrated online store, an aff... Category : Marketing Automation

dotdigital dotdigital

dotdigital is a customer engagement platform that allows you to sync data from online or p... Category : Phone/SMS, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation

EngageBay EngageBay

EngageBay is a marketing, sales, support and CRM application for growing companies. It pro... Category : CRM, Marketing Automation

ExpressPigeon ExpressPigeon

ExpressPigeon is an email marketing and transactional email platform. It lets you create e... Category : Marketing Automation

GetResponse GetResponse

GetResponse is an email marketing tool that lets you create landing pages, maintain update... Category : Marketing Automation

Gist Gist

Gist is an email marketing automation, help desk, and live chat platform. You can track cu... Category : Customer Support, Marketing Automation

GoSquared GoSquared

GoSquared is web analytics, live chat, and customer data platform. You can generate leads,... Category : Marketing Automation

Groundhogg Groundhogg

Groundhogg is the Best Choice for Email Marketing, Send personalized and highly targeted e... Category : WordPress Plugins, Marketing Automation

GrowSurf GrowSurf

GrowSurf is a free marketing automation tool used by organizations to design and execute o... Category : Marketing Automation

HighLevel HighLevel

HighLevel is an all-in-one sales and marketing platform for agencies. It lets you create l... Category : Marketing Automation

iContact Pro iContact Pro

iContact Pro is a collaborative marketing tool. You can segment audience, check your email... Category : Marketing Automation

Jumplead Jumplead

Jumplead is a marketing and lead generation tool. You can capture leads, personalize your ... Category : Marketing Automation

Klaviyo Klaviyo

Klaviyo is ecommerce marketing software with realtime activity streams. You can create wel... Category : Popular, Marketing Automation

Lead Liaison Lead Liaison

Lead Liaison is a marketing automation and lead management tool. You can track website vis... Category : Email Marketing, Marketing Automation

Mailchimp Mailchimp

Mailchimp is a marketing automation tool that lets you find and really connect with your a... Category : Drip Emails, Popular, Social Media Marketing, Marketing Automation

Mailmodo Mailmodo

Mailmodo is a complete email marketing solution enabling users to create and send app-like... Category : Marketing Automation

MailMunch MailMunch

MailMunch is a lead generation platform that lets you create landing pages, build opt-in f... Category : Marketing Automation

Mautic Mautic

Mautic is an open-source marketing automation software that helps marketers personalize th... Category : Marketing Automation

ModWebs ModWebs

ModWebs is a drag-and-drop website builder that lets you create your online store with mar... Category : Drip Emails, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, Websites, Bookings/Scheduling

Moosend Moosend

Moosend is email marketing automation software. You can design templates, manage contact l... Category : Marketing Automation

Omnisend Omnisend

Omnisend is an ecommerce marketing automation platform. You can provide coupon codes, trac... Category : E Commerce, Marketing Automation

Ontraport Ontraport

Ontraport is a marketing automation tool that helps you manage your CRM, email and SMS com... Category : Marketing Automation

Outreach Outreach

Outreach is a sales engagement platform that lets you reach out to prospects through call,... Category : CRM, Drip Emails, Sales Automation, Marketing Automation

PartnerStack PartnerStack

PartnerStack is a growth automation platform that helps you automatically incentivize and ... Category : Marketing Automation

Phantombuster Phantombuster

Phantombuster is a sales and marketing automation platform that lets you chain actions and... Category : CRM, Marketing Automation, Web Scraping

RD Station RD Station

RD Station is a digital marketing automation platform that helps you with traffic generati... Category : Marketing Automation

Referral Rock Referral Rock

Referral Rock is an online referral marketing automation suite that helps businesses desig... Category : CRM, Marketing Automation

Referrizer Referrizer

Referrizer is a marketing automation platform designed to help businesses get more clients... Category : Marketing Automation

Remarkety Remarkety

Remarkety is an ecommerce marketing automation solution. It lets you integrate your ecomme... Category : Marketing Automation

Reply Reply

Reply is a multichannel sales engagement platform which automates personal email outreach,... Category : Marketing Automation

Robly Robly

Robly is a cloud based email marketing and marketing automation platform that identifies a... Category : Marketing Automation

SendGrid SendGrid

SendGrid is a customer communication platform for sending marketing and transactional emai... Category : Transactional Emails, Marketing Automation

SendinBlue SendinBlue

SendinBlue is marketing automation software with contact management and realtime results. ... Category : Marketing Automation

SendPulse SendPulse

SendPulse offers marketing tools to empower your business’s marketing efforts. You can use... Category : Email Marketing, Marketing Automation

Smoove Smoove

Smoove is a marketing automation tool that lets you send emails and text messages easily. ... Category : Marketing Automation

Stannp Stannp

Stannp.com is a direct mail platform that lets you send out real postal campaigns such as ... Category : Marketing Automation, Address Verification

Stillio Stillio

Stillio automatically captures website screenshots at regular intervals. It helps you mana... Category : Marketing Automation, Web Scraping, Websites


VBOUT is a marketing application which helps you optimize the customer journey with email ... Category : Email Marketing, Marketing Automation


WebCEO is a cloud-based SEO platform that provides tools for keyword research, SEO audit, ... Category : Social Media Marketing, Marketing Automation, Web Scraping

WebEngage WebEngage

WebEngage is a marketing automation application that helps you craft contextual and person... Category : Marketing Automation

Woodpecker.co Woodpecker.co

Woodpecker.co is a cold email outreach and inbound lead nurturing application. You can con... Category : Drip Emails, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation

Yournotify Yournotify

Yoursnotify is a digital marketing platform that enables users to create email marketing a... Category : Phone/SMS, New, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation

Yumpu Yumpu

Yumpu is a digital platform for publishing magazines, catalogues, or brochures. You can up... Category : Marketing Automation

Zoho Campaigns Zoho Campaigns

Zoho Campaigns helps you create and send personalized email campaigns. With features like ... Category : Drip Emails, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, Zoho

Zoho Marketing Automation Zoho Marketing Automation

Zoho Marketing Automation is marketing automation software that allows you to manage leads... Category : Popular, Marketing Automation, Zoho

Zoho PageSense Zoho PageSense

PageSense is a conversion optimization and personalization platform that helps you optimiz... Category : Marketing Automation, Websites, Zoho

Zoho SalesIQ Zoho SalesIQ

Zoho SalesIQ is live chat software that lets you track visitors, identify prospects, and m... Category : Customer Support, Marketing Automation, Websites, Zoho

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