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Popular Zoho Recruit workflows


Create Zoho Recruit candidates from new Zoho Forms submissions.

If you are using Zoho Forms to create job application forms for your company, and Zoho Recruit to track and manage each application, this workflow can help you sync data between the two apps automatically. Every time you receive a response on Zoho Forms, the Flow creates a new candidate in Zoho Recruit.

How it works

1. A new submission is made in Zoho Forms.
2. Zoho Flow creates a corresponding candidate record to Zoho Recruit.
Use this flow

Create Zoho Recruit candidates from new Zoho Forms submissions.

Zoho Forms + Zoho Recruit


Send Zoho Sign templates for updated candidate records in Zoho Recruit.

Need to organize your recruitment process? This flow can help. Each time the status of a candidate record is updated in Zoho Recruit, the flow automatically sends a document, requesting the signature of the new employee.

How it works

1. A candidate record is updated in Zoho Recruit.
2. Zoho Flow sends a template via Zoho Sign.
Use this flow

Send Zoho Sign templates for updated candidate records in Zoho Recruit.

Zoho Recruit + Zoho Sign

Build your own Zoho Recruit integrations

Connect Zoho Recruit with over 750+ apps and build your own integrations using our no-code drag and drop builder and comprehensive workflow elements

Supported triggers and actions

Build your Zoho Recruit workflows using the below triggers and actions

All Triggers - A trigger kickstarts the flow

Record created

Triggers when a new record is created

Record created or updated in view

Triggers when a record is created in the selected view

Record updated

Triggers when the details of an existing record are updated

All Actions - Actions are the automated tasks

Create or update record

Creates a new record. Updates the record if it already exists.

Create tag

Creates a new tag

Create record

Creates a new record

Add tag

Adds a new tag to an existing record

Add tabular row

Adds a tabular row to the specified record

Update record status

Updates the status of the specified record

Update record

Updates the details of an existing record

Remove tag

Removes a tag from an existing record

Associate candidate with job opening

Associates a candidate with the specified job opening

Cancel interview

Cancels the specified interview

Fetch user

Fetches the details of an existing user

Fetch record

Fetches the details of an existing record

What is Zoho Recruit?

Zoho Recruit is an applicant tracking system that helps staffing agencies and recruiting departments track job openings, resumes, candidates, and contacts more quickly and efficiently. You can customize and categorize your modules, set reminders for tasks, and check all activities with a client or a contact in the activity stream.

Recruitment Zoho

Build comprehensive workflows using

Webhook triggers

Receive your data from a wider range of services in multiple formats, like JSON, form data, and plain text.

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Create customized business workflows by including advanced logic elements like if-then branches, time delays, and more.

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Custom functions

Write simple scripting functions to format data, call web APIs, send emails, and more.

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